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Our home cinemas give you the best seat in the house, every time.

The home cinema is the pinnacle of home entertainment. Whether you’re sitting down to watch the latest blockbuster film, hosting the cup final for your friends, or even streaming the last episode of your favourite show on Netflix. At CEAV, we specialise in combining industry-leading technology with our years of experience to create cutting edge entertainment solutions.

Dedicated home cinemas can be installed in any area of the home. Whether you’re looking to renovate your loft space or convert your garage into a state-of-the-art home theatre – CEAV can find a solution that works for the whole family; offering an immersive entertainment experience.

Bespoke and Beautiful

Our in-house home cinema experts design each project to your individual needs. We have a team of experienced professionals, trained to the highest standards in the design & calibration of home cinema and media rooms.

We’re inviting you to enjoy a custom cinematic experience by installing the optimal audio and visual solution for your new home theatre.

With CEAV, no project is too big or small. Our systems are completely scalable and we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for you by taking into consideration your individual requirements and your budget to deliver the best cinema installation your home can have.

VR Cinema Design 1200

Virtual Reality & 3D Renders

We provide the unique ability for you to view your cinema or media room through either 3D rendered videos or through a virtual reality headset. Simply pop the VR headset on and you can virtually walk around your future room! This is a great tool to see what our proposed solution will look like and gives you the opportunity to change anything before construction starts.

In the background, you will be able to see an example of one of our 3D renders in action. This was for a project which was successfully completed. The 3D render enabled our client to envisage the proposed TV screen size, soundbar and surround speakers within the space before they committed to the works.

The System


3D audio is a vital element in every home cinema system. With the addition of added height audio channels, it will make you feel part of the action from anywhere in the theatre. Our systems are all designed around either Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro 3D audio formats for the best listening experience. Whatever your budget, our stunning cinema audio solutions will deliver encapsulating surround sound to bring your movies to life.


We ensure that every screen is chosen to suit its environment perfectly. Whether that's a hidden screen on a motorised bracket or a fabric projector screen mounted on the wall, we will choose the right display for your room. We want you to have years of enjoyment from your home cinema and the screen is the last stop before your eyes register the content before you. Having the right screen is the best way to guarantee that you will.


Combining the latest high resolution and HDR technologies available, we know that a high-quality projector is a crucial element to your home cinema experience. Our solutions create and captivate the imagery demanded in the most elite of home cinemas. Our visual solutions offer incredible clarity and colour depth which will immerse you into the movie you are watching all within the comfort of your very own custom home cinema.


Having amazing audio and breath-taking visuals is all very well, but you need a way to control all that equipment in a simple and intuitive way. To solve this problem, we have a range of solutions which will make controlling your cinema child’s play. From standard wand remote controls to touch screen user interfaces, our control solutions will automate tasks such as turning the cinema on and off, control lighting, blinds and much more.

The Experience


Smart feature lighting can enhance the cinema experience greatly. It can create the perfect setting for you to enjoy a film in near darkness or at a more agreeable level for the big game on a Saturday afternoon with friends.

Acoustic Treatment

A home cinema that has been designed and installed with wall, floor and ceiling acoustic treatments is one of those ear-opening moments you’ll never be able to take back. An essential part of any home cinema.


One of the most important aspects of your home cinema is the seating. There are so many options available in different styles, fabrics and sizes. Seating can recline, be heated and of course, come with a popcorn holder.


Motorised shading solutions give you the option to block out that unwelcomed natural light, ensuring optimum viewing conditions within the room whilst maintaining an attractive window dressing when open.

Motion Control

Cinematic motion created specifically for the movie theatre industry can now be experienced in the comfort of your own home. Experience the most amazing, life-like cinematic motion through motion-enabled chairs.


Motorised screen masking enables a screen to change size and aspect ratio depending on what you’re watching. Our masking solutions can be set manually or completely automated depending on the source that is playing.

The Process



Initial Consultation

A home cinema expert visits your home to discuss your needs and provides advice on the options available for your new installation. This stage can often take several meetings and can sometimes include visits to our showroom to demonstrate products.



Quotation Proposal

Following our initial discussion, we will provide you with a proposal which has a comprehensive breakdown of costs. The proposal will include design, equipment as well as installation costs. Our quotations are completely transparent and itemised and are very visual so you can see what each item is.



Specification & Design

Once the concept of your new home cinema is established, our in-house design team converts the idea into a comprehensive design package. The design package will include everything from 3D renders to cable schematics for the installation team. Parts of the design package later become part of your user manual.



3D Visualisation

When considering home cinema, it's essential to understand what you're getting, and that your vision is realised. With our Virtual Reality experience and 3D renders, you can quickly see what we'll install in your home. Pop the headset on and walk around your home cinema before we start work and if there's something you would like us to change, let us know!



Installation & Commissioning

During installation you will be assigned a single project manager who will be your point of contact through the project. They will manage everything from spur-of-the-moment changes, third-party contractors to deliveries of equipment. Once the room is ready, and the site is dust-free, the speakers, projector screen and other audio-visual processing equipment are installed. This process is when you can see your new home cinema start to come to life. The cinema will be calibrated, programmed and thoroughly tested to ensure it's all working before it's signed off by our commissioning engineer.



Client demonstration and handover

Once complete and tested, your project manager will then walk you through how the system works and answer any questions you may have. Now it's time to sit back - relax and enjoy your new home cinema.



Support & Aftercare

Our dedicated aftercare team will offer support and maintenance contracts for any critical issues, fixes or updates that might be necessary for the future. We include both pro-active and reactive support methods in all our packages.

If you’re thinking about creating a home cinema or media room in your home, contact us today for a free and non-obligatory consultation. Our friendly team will be happy to visit your home and discuss your options with you.