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Home Technology Design & Consultancy Solutions

CEAV provide a wide range of technology design and consultancy services for both the residential and commercial AV markets. We work closely with architects, contractors, consultants and client representatives to provide seamless integration of technology into projects of all sizes.


From simple single room solutions to MDU tender packages, our design solutions are comprehensive and scalable. We cover all aspects of design from bespoke aesthetics to advanced system integration and can provide cable schematics, detailed floor plans, elevations and even 3D renders for your project. We are also very well versed in working with architects and engineers and incorporating our designs into their frameworks using industry standard software such as AutoCAD.

Project Management

Our project management service includes a combination of decades of construction experience, skilled engineering ability and open, proactive communication.

It is important that every detail of a project is planned well and runs efficiently. Our highly trained project managers can help with everything from budget management to equipment procurement to on site problem-solving.

To integrate with third-party project schedules, we employ industry standard methodologies to ensure consistency, interoperability and scalability.

Design & Consultation Services We Offer

Tender Packages

Delivery of a detailed design package with all the information needed for contractors to provide tender costs.

Bespoke Designs

We take everything into consideration designing a system to produce a bespoke design tailored to your specific project.

Project Management

Full project management services including site attendance, contractor liaisons and financial reporting.

CAD Software

Our in-house team use industry standard CAD and 3D software including AutoCAD, Visio, SolidWorks and SketchUp.


Brand independent and budget-aware equipment specification individually tailored for each and every project.

Industry Standards

We employ PRINCE2 methodology and principles allowing us to be consistent, flexible and scalable.

Design Packages

We offer comprehensive AV system design packages for projects of all size. Our design packages can contain many different documents including cable schematics, wiring diagrams, floor plans, elevations and technical sheets. We also provide video 3D renders so our clients can visualise our designs before installation commences.

Our designs are always brand-independent, we are not tied to any specific companies or technologies. We will always specify a system which is right for you, not our suppliers. We take everything into consideration when designing a system such as your usage needs and budget to produce a truly bespoke design tailored to your specific project.

Wiring Schematic

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams are used in combination with cable schedules by the electrical contractor to install cabling. They provide an easy to understand schematic of the wiring topology.

Spec Sheet

Tech Sheets

Tech sheets provide in-depth information on a given component. This can include dimensions, electrical requirements and specific properties unique to the component.


Floor Plans

We can integrate our designs into existing floor plans or create our own floor plans from scratch. Floor plans symbolically show where all the components of a system are located.



Elevations show a system component in high detail displaying all dimensions and features. Elevations are frequently used by joiners and builders during installation.

VR Cinema Design 1200

Virtual Reality & 3D Renders

We provide the unique ability for you to view your AV system through either 3D rendered videos or through a virtual reality headset. Simply pop the VR headset on and you can virtually walk around your future home! This is a great tool to see what our proposed solution will look like and gives you the opportunity to change anything before construction starts.

In the background, you will be able to see an example of one of our 3D renders in action. This was for a project which was successfully completed. The 3D render enabled our client to envisage the proposed TV screen size, soundbar and surround speakers within the space.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We offer free quotations & have a short turnaround for the issue of tenders – No matter the size.

We have a team of project managers, operatives & engineers available to commence works if any refurbishment/installation works are urgent or if you require any assistance on planning, budgeting and design.