Lutron Window Treatments

Welcome to CEAV. We are Lutron Pro Gold installers and experts in providing a complete end-to-end Lutron window treatment solution for both residential and commercial projects. Our specialist team will help design and specify your window treatments; from measuring and fabric selection to installation and setting up your controls. Contact us today for your free home visit and quotation.

Automated shades, blinds and drapery tracks

Roller Shades

Lutron roller shades complement both traditional and contemporary designs and are available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of any room. All Lutron shades feature intelligent hembar alignment, which was designed to synchronise all automated shades in a single room, or in an entire home. Choose from Lutron’s vast collection of fabrics and installation options such as twin rollers (sheer & blackout), coupled blinds for bay-window installations and retro-fit battery-powered blinds.

Available in wired and wireless options.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wood blinds are an attractive and effective way to ensure privacy while still allowing sunlight to filter into a space. Only Lutron wood blinds offer independent lift and tilt, for precision alignment of both height and angle positions between multiple blinds. Choose from Lutron’s vast selection of woods and alternative styles such as non-wood sheer Venetian blinds.  Lutron Venetian blinds are also available in a retro-fit battery powered version .

Available in wired and wireless options.

Drapery Track System

Drapery track systems electronically operate pinch pleat or ripplefold curtains to elegantly provide quiet, convenient daylight control.  Lutron’s drapery track system comes in many different flavours and has options for curved track and even third-party recessed options. We are able to fit your own supplied curtains to an automated track system and provide precision control.


Available in wired option only.

The 4-Step Process

  • Meet & Discuss
  • Fabric Selection
  • Final Preparation
  • Installation Day

Our initial visit is usually a very simple affair. The purpose of the visit is to understand your requirements and take some rough measurements of the windows you would like to treat. With this information, we can then provide you with some provisional ideas and solutions that may work. If you are interested in roller shades or venetian blinds, we will also introduce you to Lutron’s amazing selection of fabrics and wood colours and even discuss how you might want to control your blinds, through a simple remote control or maybe as part of a wider smart home system. Our first visit usually gives us enough information to provide you with provisional pricing.

If you are interested in roller shades or venetian blinds, we will showcase our Lutron Fabric binders to you on the first visit. Hopefully, this will give you a broad idea of what you’re looking for and from this, we can order you some fabric samples direct from Lutron. This service is completely free and you can order as many samples as you wish until you find the fabric you are happy with. During this process, we will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Our final preparation visit usually occurs once all the decisions have been made regarding the window treatments. On this visit we will take precise measurements and create a proposal for you to review. If you’re happy to move forward, we will process your order with Lutron. Whilst the order is with Lutron, we usually arrange to visit your property and carry out any on-site preparation that may be required. For example, running cables for wired blinds.

Once the shades arrive from Lutron, we will arrange a visit to install them. On installation day we will install the window treatments and any associated controls. We always provide a full demonstration of how the blinds work and how you can set up more advanced control such as scheduling. Over the following days we are always only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Control Options

Control with Pico Remote

For a simple and economical choice, control your automated window treatments using a Pico remote control with no other equipment needed. The Pico remote can either be mounted on a wall with a faceplate of your choice or mounted on a table-top pedestal ready to pick up when you need it.

PICO Control

Control with RA2 Select

Enjoy personalised smart lighting and shade control with RA2 Select. Combining your smart shades with a RA2 Select hub opens up a world of customisation and advanced control. The RA2 Select system adds mobile app support providing convenience, enhanced comfort and even voice control.


Control with Homeworks

The Lutron Homeworks platform is the professional control choice for homeowners. Homeworks is an advanced system for homes of all sizes and offers its users unlimited customisation. Integrate your new window treatments in to an existing system or contact us to design a new bespoke system just for you.

Homeworks Control

If you’re thinking about installing a Lutron shading solution in your home or you have an existing Lutron System or product you need help with, contact us today for a free and non-obligatory consultation. Our friendly team will be happy to visit you and discuss your options.