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Reliable, fast and secure home networking.

With the ever-increasing demand for video and audio streaming services, high-performance home networking has become more important than ever. Data hungry services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Apple Plus to name just-a-few are putting a massive strain on the traditional home network.

In today’s modern smart home, a well designed and installed network is key to delivering fast, reliable and secure connectivity for all the devices you may have. It not only delivers the ability to carry out common tasks such as browsing the web, playing on-line games and sending emails but also provides a robust and dependable platform for your smart home system.

All our network installations are bespoke, individually tailored and consider usage requirements and environmental factors; for example, the fabric of the building and room shape and size. We specify enterprise-grade equipment that enables us to deliver robust, reliable and super secure solutions for any project size or specification.

Wired and Wireless

network cables and hub in data room

Wired Networks

For fixed equipment such as smart TVs, game consoles and printers we would recommend these devices be connected, with a physical cable, to a data wall outlet. This provides the devices with a super-fast, secure and reliable connection to the network and consequently, the internet.

Wired networks also provide the backbone and foundation of all smart home installations and are therefore a necessity for most projects.

Wired networks need to be designed and installed during renovation works and the cabling is carried out by electricians. We provide full design packages for third-party electrical contractors to follow or we can carry out the works in-house.

There are different grades of wired networks available depending on the current usage needs and future-proofing requirements of the client.

WiFi WAP 600x600

Wireless Networks

For wire-free devices such as mobile phones, laptops and wireless smart devices, a robust and reliable Wi-Fi connection is required. The goal in any wireless network is for the ability to seamlessly roam from room-to-room without any decipherable loss in signal quality.

Because of this, a Wi-Fi network in the modern home needs to be very carefully and meticulously designed as there are many factors that can affect the quality of the signal you receive. Environmental factors such as stone floors and brick walls, the shape and size of rooms and other radio signals such as next doors baby monitor can all have an immense affect on your Wi-Fi performance. We mitigate these issues by surveying pre-installation which enables us to specify a solution tailored for your property.

We install Wi-Fi solutions that utilise the latest in wireless technology standards and security protocols.

Networking Solutions


Robust networks incorporating enterprise grade equipment professionally configured for optimal performance.


Industry standard testing using high-end testing equipment and conformation to stringent standards and quality control levels.


Intelligent reliable Wi-Fi systems employing futuristic roaming technology whilst combining the latest in wireless security.


Pre-installation surveys and reports including floorplan heat-maps and professional radio spectrum interference analysis.

Fibre Optic

Future proofed installations using the latest in fibre optic technology to provide literally light-speed networking speeds.


Professional network security design and deployment including options for enterprise grade firewall hardware equipment.

Future Proofing

In an ever-changing world, the next wave of technology is only ever around the corner. CEAV is preparing for this by offering fibre optic network solutions in our projects which will future-proof your home for years to come.

Fibre optic cables can be up to 60 times faster than copper cables over the same distance. This massive increase in bandwidth and performance enables vast amounts of data to be transmitted around the home. We are already seeing traditional copper cables starting to struggle with high-quality video signals such as 4K with HDR and the problem will only grow. With TV manufactures starting to roll out 8K sets the need to upgrade to fibre optic has never been greater.

By investing in a fibre optic structured wiring system, you are future proofing your home for years to come.

Professional Surveying

Environmental factors can have an immense affect on your Wi-Fi performance. We mitigate these issues by carrying out a deep and detailed pre-installation survey which enables us to specify a solution tailored for your property.

We combine our expertise with the latest in surveying hardware and software to create a virtualised heat map of the property. By considering variables such as wall density and material, room shape and size and any other local radio signals that may cause interference, we can build a detailed picture of the installation before work begins.

Surveying enables us to position Wi-Fi transmitters in the optimal positions for total coverage of a given area.

We offer this service free of charge with all of our wireless networking packages.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home networking capabilities contact us today for a free and non-obligatory consultation. Our friendly team will be happy to visit your home and discuss your options with you.