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Powerful, automated, building control


KNX is a standardised home and building control system with over 500 manufacturers creating products which can be used. This provides endless flexibility and personalisation making every installation unique. 

If you're looking for help implementing a new system or you need assistance with an existing KNX product or system, our friendly team can help you. 

KNX Touchscreen

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A future proof home technology

Home technology is constantly changing. However, with KNX being an open standard and having the ability for thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers to all communicate with each other seamlessly, your home is truly future-proofed. 

KNX Lighting

Lighting Control

KNX Lighting is a powerful, flexible and automated lighting control system for your home. It provides flawless dimming of any load type, scene control, timed events, occupancy detection, human-centric colour changing and provides advanced energy efficiency features usually only found in expensive commercial-grade systems.

KNX Keypad


No other control system offers the number of choices available for wall keypads than KNX. There is a perfect keypad for every project available. Many KNX keypads also incorporate a built-in temperature sensor so they double up as a room thermostat eliminating the need for additional devices and creating a more minimal aesthetic.

KNX Thermostat

Heating & Cooling Control

KNX, unlike many other systems, has the ability to control any heating or cooling system built into its DNA. It allows intelligent control of a home's climate by constantly monitoring the environment and providing precise control of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems. This allows multiple systems to act as one seamless system.