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Lutron Lighting

Lutron has positioned itself as the market's leading home lighting control system. As a Lutron pro installer, we can equip your home with the latest and greatest in intelligent lighting technology or help you with an existing system you are having problems with.

If you already know what you want or are unsure where to start, our friendly team can help you.

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Lutron, the masters of lighting control

Lutron has been the benchmark in home lighting control for over three decades. They have two systems, RA2 Select for smaller homes and Lutron Homeworks for the larger home. We can help you decide which system is the best fit for your home by considering both required functionality and budget.

We can also help with maintenance of older Grafik Eye, Illumination or Interactive systems. In some cases, offering cost-saving upgrade paths. 

Lutrn RA2 Select

Lutron RA2 Select

Enjoy personalised smart lighting and shade control for any home, any budget, with Lutron RA2 Select. RA2 is a wireless system and is perfect for retrofitting where running new cables just isn’t an option. Perfect for single rooms or small homes, the RA2 system is economical, convenient and packed with advanced features.

Lutron Homeworks QSX

Lutron Homeworks QSX

For 30 years the Lutron Homeworks system has been the benchmark for seamless control of light in the home. It brings together the best in-class dimming technology with elegant, sophisticated and intuitive controls. Fully customisable and with limitless design options, Homeworks is the ultimate in home lighting.

Lutron Illumination

Lutron Legacy Systems

Unlike other Lutron installation companies, we have qualified electricians and Lutron programmers on staff, enabling us to resolve issues, whether they may be electrical faults or programming issues. This unique advantage allows us to maintain older Lutron systems such as Homeworks Interactive, Illumination and Grafik Eye.

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