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Car Chargers

Design and installation of residential and commercial EV car chargers.

Bespoke charging solutions

We have a range of car chargers to suit your EV and home perfectly. Our process includes conducting a survey of your property to determine your current electrical connection to the grid, the car you have or are planning on purchasing, and the car charger's intended location. With this information, we can plan and design the perfect bespoke EV charger solution tailored to your situation.

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Monitor your energy

The latest generation of EV chargers are supplied with an accompanying mobile app which allows you to monitor the amount of energy used by your electric vehicle. If you also have solar panels or wind generation, you can view how much energy your EV uses from renewable sources compared to the energy it uses from the grid.

EV Energy

Car Chargers

From beautifully crafted car chargers that blend into your home's exterior to sophisticated energy monitoring and app control.

Premium EV Chargers

Premium EV Chargers

We have a range of incredibly stylish car chargers with unrivalled aesthetics and a myriad of colour and finish options that will suit any home's exterior. In addition, our EV chargers are super durable and weatherproof and available in both 7kW and 22kW options to cater for every type of car.

Charging Modes

Charging Modes

Our chargers can charge your EV in several different ways. For example, they can operate as standard home charger using power from the grid, or 100% green energy if you have solar or wind generation on-site, or a combination of the two. Charging modes can be set manually or automatically by the system.

Monitor Energy Usage

Monitor Energy Usage

With the current energy crisis, monitoring energy usage is more important to people than ever. Our EV charging solutions provide the tools to monitor energy usage down to the penny. In addition, our solutions offer the ability to set a schedule to charge your EV when your energy tariff is more economical, for example, at night.

Features of our Car Charger Solutions

Just some of the great features you can enjoy with our car charger systems. 

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