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Lighting & Shading

Control the natural and artificial lighting in your home with smart lighting and automated shades and curtains.

The power of lighting

Lighting is one of the most influential interior design tools we can implement. By designing and applying lighting correctly, we can change the mood and atmosphere in a given space and create the required environment with a touch of a button.

There are many aspects to consider when developing a lighting scheme; everything from controlling natural light by utilising automated window treatments and energy efficiency to smart controls and, of course, budget.

Our friendly team have the creativity and product knowledge to help you design the proper lighting for your space and navigate through the minefield of options available. 

The Power of Lighting

Control both artificial and natural light

Controlling the natural light in your home is just as important as artificial light. To help with this, we provide bespoke smart motorised solutions for blinds and curtains.

Our specialist team will help design and specify your window treatments, from measuring and fabric selection to installation and setting up your controls.

Create different moods and scenes by integrating your lighting, blinds and curtains. A single button press can open your curtains and turn the lights on in the morning or lower the shades and dim the lights in the evening. 


Control both artificial and natural light

From Design to Installation

The three steps to a great lighting scheme in your home.

Design and Consultancy

Design & Specification

The success of a lighting scheme all comes down to the correct design and specification. Creative design can create magical effects and transform a space. Our deep technical knowledge and product awareness ensures that our designs are practical, within budget and transformative. The most important aspect of any design is the way you are going to use it, we listen to your needs and implement a design tailored for you.

Control and Integration

Control & Integration

Lighting control systems can control multiple lights and shades and create different moods and scenes at the touch of a button. We offer a wide range of control solutions and will specify the correct one depending on your requirements and budget. Control systems allow natural and artificial lighting to be controlled manually using keypads, touchscreens and voice or automatically using event timers and sensors.

Install and Programming

Install & Programming

We offer installation and programming in house. In fact, we’re one of only a few companies in London to offer a turnkey solution from design, specification and supply through to installation, programming and finally handover. Because of this, our installation and commissioning teams can work seamlessly together to deliver a professionally installed system without complication from third party contractors.

Features of Smart Lighting & Shading

Just some of the great features you can enjoy with a smart lighting and shading control systems.

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