Bespoke access control solutions for every home.

Intercom & Door Access

Design, installation and maintenance of advanced intercom and door access control systems. 

Style & Function

We offer premium-designed intercoms that will create a great first impression to your home while satisfying the most demanding security needs. Our intercom systems also have the ability to connect to your mobile phone if you're not home.

Our solutions aren't just for a single dwelllings, if you live in an apartment building we also have multi-dwelling solutions available.

Gira System 106 Doorstation

Modern Door Access Control

We offer secure and reliable door access control solutions. Open doors and gates using traditional methods such as a numerical keypad, key fob or wireless in-car remote or using more modern solutions such as your mobile phone or smartwatch.

Our door access solutions can integrate into our home automation systems so you can do clever things, such as turning the lights on when you open a door.

Phone Door Access

Intercom and Door Access Systems

From beautifully designed intercom systems to incredibly robust door access control systems.

Intercom Door Stations

Intercom Door Stations

We have a range of incredibly stylish intercom door stations to suit every type of home, whether for a single home or an apartment building with multiple homes. Door stations are available in many colours and finishes to suit any decor. In addition, they have optional features such as integrated fingerprint readers, heated cameras to prevent misting and accessibility options for disabled users.

Intercom App

Intercom App

Many of our intercom solutions have an option to divert missed calls to a mobile app for those times you're not home. In buildings where there are multiple apartments, we can divert calls to specific people's mobiles depending on the door button pressed. Intercom apps are very reliable and even work when abroad. They can also allow access to the caller by simply pressing a button.

Door Access Control

Door Access Control

Door access control systems are usually deployed on larger homes and more complicated systems. They give you additional features that a standard intercom system may not provide you with out-of-the-box but can also work alongside your intercom. Door access control provides you with features such as entry via biometrics, key fobs, NFC tags, mobile phones, or even your smartphone.

Features of our Intercom and Door Access Systems

Just some of the great features you can enjoy with our intercom and door access control systems. 

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