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Multiroom Entertainment

Send music or video around the home so you can listen to or watch your content in any room in the house easily and conveniently.

What is multi-room entertainment?

At its most basic, multi-room entertainment involves sending music or video around the home through wires or the air so you can listen to or watch your content in any room in the house quickly and conveniently.

As you may know, there is a myriad of products available which allow you to do this. Every week, there are more ‘smart speaker’ type-products made available. Although some of these products are good in their own right, you may want something a bit more professional, high-quality, reliable and discreet. This is where we can help.

What is multi-room entertainment?

Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix & more.... Everywhere

There are many ways to distribute video and audio content and it really depends on your individual needs and requirements to how we design a system. We take in factors such as the services you use (e.g Sky, Netflix, Apple Music and Spotify), the rooms that you would like to watch or listen to those services and the way you would like to control those services.

For example, some customers want a really simple solution. They use their mobile phones to play music and simply want to cast their music to a speaker in the ceiling. However, other customers prefer a more complex system where all the sources are centralised and touchscreens around the home control the music and video allowing you to watch any source in any room at any time.

Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix & more.... Everywhere

Elements of a Multiroom System

From the stream, for example, Apple Music, through to any speaker in your home all controlled via a smart control such as your phone or a touchscreen. 

Streams and Services

Streams & Services

A service or source is any audio or video you wish to share around the home and played from a pair of speakers or a television. These services or sources can be well-known modern services such as Spotify, Netflix and Apple Music etc. or more traditional sources such as Sky, Virgin Media and even your home CCTV system.

Speakers and Televisions

Speakers & Televisions

Whatever you choose to play, you will need speakers to listen to your audio or a television to watch your video. Both come in a myriad of options, sizes and budget price points. For example, in choosing speakers, you have many options such as in-ceiling speakers, floor-standing speakers or even hidden plaster-over speakers.

Controls & Apps

Controls & Apps

Depending on what type of system you have, there are several different options you can have to control your multi-room entertainment system. These include your mobile phone, tablet or even your voice. We can also install something more bespoke such as a smart remote control or touchscreen which gives you advanced functionality.

Features of a Multiroom Entertainment System

Just some of the great features you can enjoy with a multiroom entertainment system system.

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