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Fire Prevention Systems

Supply, installation and maintenance of smoke and fire alarm systems.

What are fire prevention systems?

Fire prevention systems at their core are electrical systems that detect and prevent fires. They range from simple conventional smoke alarm systems suited for small homes to fully addressable fire alarm systems for large homes and commercial properties.

There are many types of fire detection systems suited for different applications and many regulations to adhere to when designing a system. Our experienced team can help you navigate the minefield of options and deliver a suitable system for your project.

Fire Alarm Panel

Different Fire Prevention Systems

Smoke alarms for smaller homes and fire alarm systems for medium and larger-sized homes.

Smoke Alarms

Conventional Smoke Alarm Systems

Conventional smoke alarm systems are ideal for smaller homes. Depending on the installation's specific requirements, they can be battery-powered or mains-powered with a battery backup feature. In addition, smoke alarms can communicate with each other through either fixed wiring or a wireless signal to trigger an alarm when smoke is detected. Smoke alarms are generally low-cost but are incredibly effective in fire detection when designed and installed correctly.

Fire Alarm

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

An addressable fire alarm system differs from a conventional smoke alarm system by pinpointing exactly where a fire occurs. Every sensor is uniquely addressed and connected back to a fire panel which can inform the inhabitants exactly where fire and smoke are. Addressable fire alarms are also very scaleable and are, therefore, very well suited for medium- and large-sized homes. Addressable systems can also interface with sprinklers and other third-party systems.

Features of a Fire Prevention System

Just some of the great features you can enjoy with a fire prevention system.

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