If it needs wiring, chances are we do it!

Here at CEAV, we offer a wide range of high-end residential design and installation services; from bespoke cinema rooms and smart lighting systems to electrical installations and Wi-Fi solutions.

Cinema & Media Rooms

Turnkey solutions of bespoke high-quality cinemas and dedicated media rooms implementing the latest in AV technology.

Smart Home Automation

Modern and intuitive home automation and security systems to make your home more secure, comfortable and energy efficient.

Commercial AV Solutions

Corporate, hospitality, educational and digital signage AV services combining high levels of support and customer aftercare.

Lighting & Shading

Automated and smart lighting and shading systems. From design and specification through to installation and commissioning.

Wi-Fi & Networking

Design and implementation of fast secure networking infrastructure employing the latest in wired and wireless technologies.

Electrical Services

Electrical installations combining deep technical expertise and a wealth of construction project management experience.

Multiroom Entertainment

Centralised user-friendly distribution of audio and video throughout the home compatible with the latest streaming services.

Design & Consultancy

Technology design, consultancy and project management services for both the residential, commercial and retail AV markets.

Support and Aftercare

Customised aftercare with features ranging from email and phone support to regular health checks and remote pro-active support.

Smart, Connected, Effecient Homes... Its What We Do!

Smart Home

A smart home connects multiple devices together so you can automate common tasks. For example, turn lights on and open the blinds in the morning or when you leave the house, turn the lights off, close the blinds and arm the intruder alarm. Smart homes are designed to make your day easier allowing you to forget the menial tasks and get on with the more important things in life.


Connected Home

One of the most amazing features of a modern smart home is the ability to be  connected to it, even when you’re not there. A connected home gives you the capability to turn the heating up before you get home, check who rang the door bell when you’re at work or even view the CCTV when you’re on holiday. A single app on your phone can bring all these services together for your peice of mind.


Effecient Home

Energy efficiency has become a crucial component of any modern smart home. Whether you are environmentally conscious or simply wishing to save money on your energy bills, we have the technology and expertise to make a real difference. Automated lighting and heating controls can drastically reduce your power consumption without any input from yourself.



Through years of experience we have fine-tuned our processes to be efficient and effective. From initial consultation, system design and specification through to installation, commissioning and support, we offer a turnkey solution which yields high quality results everytime.

  • Design & Consultation
  • Specification & Supply
  • Installation Service
  • Support & Aftercare

CEAV provide a wide range of technology design and consultancy services for both the residential and commercial AV markets. We work closely with architects, contractors, consultants and client representatives to provide seamless integration of technology into projects of all sizes.

From simple single room solutions to MDU tender packages, our design solutions are comprehensive and scalable. We cover all aspects of design from bespoke aesthetics to advanced system integration and can provide cable schematics, detailed floor plans, elevations and even 3D renders for your project. We are also very well versed in working with architects and engineers and incorporating our designs into their frameworks using industry standard software such as AutoCAD.

When specifying products for a project we consider many factors before making our decision. These factors include performance, practicability, aesthetics and of course, budget.

Our team employ decades of experience and a wealth of product knowledge which enables us to deliver the correct solutions for a given project. We have partnerships with all the major brands and resellers within the industry to provide you with the widest range of choice and options.

Our designs are never brand driven. Products are specified for their practicability in each situation and our solutions are truly bespoke and tailored for your individual project.

All products supplied and installed by CEAV are covered by our standard 12 months parts and labour warranty and are also eligible for an optional extended warranty. During the warranty period we offer unlimited phone and email support and site visits for elevated support issues.

Our professional engineering team are experts in AV installations. Organisation and communication are at the core of every CEAV project and we are proud to announce that we have never failed to deliver a project in the history of our company. Our installation service is professional, efficient and reliable and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Our team are highly trained and regularly attended training courses to keep their skills up-to-date in an ever-changing technology sector.  One of the most important things we have found is to employ people that enjoy and have a passion for what they do. This passion reflects in our engineers work and shines through in the quality of their work.

We also have a great team of project managers. Our project management service includes a combination of decades of construction experience, skilled engineering ability and open, proactive communication. It is important that every detail of a project is planned well and runs efficiently. Our highly trained project managers can help with everything from budget management to equipment procurement to on site problem-solving.

We offer a number of different support contracts varying on budget and features. Our service contracts are tailored made for each and every project, but they all have one thing in common… they’re the most competitive service contracts available and offer amazing value for money.

If you want peace of mind that yor AV installation will be supported long after the engineers have packed up and gone then look no further. We offer amazing support so your system will never fail you when you need it most!

To cater for all budgets and needs we offer 3 levels of service agreement; Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package offers varying levels of support, such as remote support, out-of-hours support, weekend support and advance replacement of faulty equipment support. Please click the button below for more information on our after-sales support packages.